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Minimum Participation Requirements

  • Club membership requires consistently attending ALL Practices and ShovelFit activities.  A member not willing to attend at least one of the two practices a week may be subject to consequences. Attending all team meetings is also a required obligation of club members.

  • ALL Riders and Coaches MUST USE TeamSnap to mark attendance 1-DAY BEFORE practices, ShovelFit and Races.
    **Riders that have not marked their attendance prior to events will NOT be able to join Team for practice.** 
    Our sport requires consistent, progressive learning to ensure all riders safety and enjoyment. With an entirely volunteer staff, knowing who will be at practice and managing risk and safety of all riders is paramount.

  • Excused absences include: Sickness or injury, religious or family obligations, mechanical problems (Max. of 3 days per mechanical problem), other reason priorly discussed with coach, and racing.

  • Unexcused absences include: forgetting, poor time management, oversleeping, sold bike.

  • Permission for independent training may be granted for planned, verifiable, and approved training.  This must be pre-approved by the coach.

Rider Accountability 

  • Each student athlete is responsible for his/her maintenance of their equipment. A bike maintenance clinic is scheduled for the team and required for the student athlete. For example, the bike chain must be lubed the night before practice.

  • Practice start times are the time we “roll out” and officially start, not just an arrival time. The student athlete must allow for proper time management for setup of their equipment and hydration.

  • Each student athlete is responsible for their own nutrition and hydration for the practices. Ride duration and mileage will be provided before for each athlete to plan properly. 

  • Every student athlete is required to carry the appropriate tools to fix common trail mechanicals. We will have gone over these in our maintenance clinic and a list of the must haves will be provided. 

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