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6th-12th grade.


Team dues are $250 for the season. NICA registration is done through PitZone for $60, with membership being $40. Races are $55 per race. Races are optional but highly recommended. Team dues cover one team jersey and some (camping fees, race food, coaching fees, scholarships), etc.

A mountain bike with at least 26” wheels and good functioning brakes. Helmet, safety glasses, gloves, tire levers, quick link, spare tube, and small multi-tool. We get deals from local bike shops.

No. Basic riding skills are required. We will teach progressive MTB skills.

NICA is short for National Interscholastic Cycling Association. The Napa Valley Composite Cycling Team, also known as "The Rebobs," is a part of the NorCal NICA League.


Yes. All coaches undergo annual background checks, concussion, safety, risk management, and biannual athlete abuse awareness training. Level 2 coaches and above must be current in CPR and First Aid and have completed on-the-bike and classroom mountain bike skills training.


We have two practices per week. Saturday, 9-12, is our required regular team practice. Monday 4-??? is an optional conditioning practice for kids who want to gain fitness and perform better in races. Conditioning practice is less social, with minimal stopping.

Yes and no. Rider involvement in practices is crucial to ensure their skills progress with the team. There are always exceptions, and we're very flexible. Just a respectful discussion with your head coach is all it takes. We encourage kids to attend one race at least. Racing is not required. Some kids want to ride. Racing isn't about winning. It's about self-discovery. Our team does not emphasize winning, just doing your best.

We will stop and assess the situation immediately and take appropriate action. There is a coach in the back of every ride group called a sweep. Coaches carry radios, and many have first aid kits. All coaches have to complete annual concussion training. Level 2 coaches and above have CPR and First Aid training (one level 2 or higher is required to be at every practice). Throughout NICA, coaches are far more likely to get injured at practice than students, which has also been true with Rebobs. At races, there is EMS on site. We will call 911 if needed.

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